A temporary highway exit near St. Andrews is raising safety concerns. (CBC)

A temporary exit off Highway 1 near St. Andrews, N.B. is raising safety concerns, but one motorist says the fix is easy.

The highway is under construction and getting off at exit 39 requires drivers to slow down to almost to a full stop to make a 90-degree right turn.

Patrick Sohy uses the exit every day in his commute from Saint John to St. Andrew's.

"Eight kilometres an hour is the speed limit, and you've got a bunch of traffic behind you, and you've got to slow down basically to a stall to make that turn," he said.

Sohy, who owns a construction firm, said the danger could be mitigated by adding a small patch of asphalt to the inside of the turn, effectively widening the opening of the exit.

"You're talking about $1,500 patch of asphalt," he said.

Vaughn McIntyre of the Charlotte Coastal Tourism Association recently called the exit "extremely dangerous."

He spoke out earlier this week after complaints from shaken motorists.

Dexter Construction, the contractor for the work has recently added additional signage.

The company said the temporary exit design was approved by the Department of Transportation.

The ongoing construction is part of a $580-million twinning of the highway from River Glade to the U.S. border in St. Stephen