Spring preparations move forward despite lingering winter

New Brunswickers growing tired of a winter that won't leave the province say the extended season of snow and cold temperatures have put their spring maintenance behind schedule.

Golfers, gardeners abandon search for signs of spring, push ahead with outdoor maintenance

New Brunswickers growing tired of a winter that won't leave the province say the extended season of snow and cold temperatures have put their spring maintenance behind schedule.

Kendall Costain, the operations manager of the Westfield Golf and Country Club, said the club is weeks behind in preparations.

"Normally we anticipate March 1 as a start date to start our maintenance," he said.

"Last year, we starting mowing greens on March 15. This year, obviously we're not close to that at all.

"So it was surprising it lasted this long."

Costain said staff will tear tarps off the course on Friday and begin forming a plan of attack.

"We have to start, plain and simple," he said.

"Because we're still keeping our start date of May 1, obviously weather permitting, but that's what we plan. So we have to start sooner or later."

Gardeners growing impatient

Avid gardeners in the region are also growing impatient.

Betty Kennett of Hampton says she can't remember a winter that has lingered so long.

"Normally when it's too cold to garden there's no snow on the ground and I can get out there and prune bushes and shape bushes," said Kennett.

"But since half the bushes are still under snow, I can't even do that, which is very, very frustrating."

A winter storm earlier this week blanketed parts of New Brunswick with roughly 40 centimetres of heavy snow and ice pellets.

The weight of the snow has taken its toll on at least a couple of homes in Fredericton and even caused some barn roofs to collapse in recent days.