Five out of province drivers have been charged with stunting just in Pictou County, N.S. in the last month. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

Police in Nova Scotia are warning people travelling through their province to slow down after several out-of-province drivers have been charged with stunting.

In the past month in Pictou County alone, five out-of-province drivers have been charged.

A 33-year-old man from Miramichi learned what stunting was on Monday afternoon. On his way to Cape Breton, he was clocked going 167 kilometres an hour in a 100 zone.

Going more than 50 kilometres over the speed limit in Nova Scotia qualified as stunting and brings a fine of more than $2,400, a seven-day licence suspension and cars may be impounded.

Pictou County RCMP Cpl. Glen Murphy says in the past month, all five drivers charged were shocked with the penalty.

"These five people are people that are not from the area, they're from out of province — I don't know why they haven't heard about the stunting laws, regardless it's still a very serious matter."

In New Brunswick, the Motor Vehicle Act also includes a charge for going more than 50 kilometres an hour over the limit.

Public Safety spokesperson Sheila Lagace says it's not called stunting, but it also carries a stiff penalty.

"It can lead to a fine between $500 and $20,500 and this fine can double if it was in a school zone, or a construction zone," Lagace said.

Lagace says drivers also lose five points from their licence, which in some cases would mean a suspension.

The latest statistics show 104 people were charged under that section of New Brunswick's act in 2007 - 2008.

Over the same period of time, there were 1,064 violations reported for speeding more than 25 km/h over a speed limit but less than 50 km/h.