Saint John Police Chief Bill Reid said he is worried the New Brunswick government may cut funding for a team known as the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit.  

The team of officers, under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act of 2009, has the power to hold owners responsible for properties where illegal activities routinely occur.  


Saint John Police Chief Bill Reid said the SCAN unit is making a big difference in the city. (CBC)

Through this process, the SCAN unit may apply to the court to have owners remove fortifications that pose a threat to public safety, order them to stop illegal activity, and, if necessary, close the buildings.    

Though the unit was created just two years ago, Reid said it is making a big difference in Saint John.  

"There is a strong suggestion that the provincial government is not going to pick up that program in 2013," said Reid. "That would [require] a significant call for service from the force. Significant."  

Reid is urging city council to lobby the provincial government to continue funding the unit.