Special care home victim Joseph Harvey Henry, 74, died from an infected sore, a Bathurst courtroom heard Friday.

Pathologist Maraf Ubaidat testified Friday at the trial of special care home operator Patricia Pitre and her daughter Karen Pitre.

The pair are charged with criminal negligence causing the death of Henry, who died a few days after being removed from the Pitre's care in 2010.

Henry had mental and physical illnesses, Crown prosecutor Melanie LeBlanc said during opening remarks this week.

Henry had been a resident at the Pitre Special Care Home for 29 years and had "no one to look out for him," LeBlanc said.

Ubaidat testified Henry’s cause of death was septic shock, a condition that occurs when an overwhelming infection leads to low blood pressure and low blood flow. Vital organs may fail. It occurs most often in the very old and the very young — or people with other illnesses.

Court heard the source of infection was the severe pressure sore, more commonly called a bedsore, on Henry’s hip. The sore was a class IV, meaning the sore was deep, extending down through layers of tissue, right down to the hip joint.

Ubaidat testified that Henry was also malnourished when he was brought to hospital.

That’s where the Pitres’ defence picked up its line of questioning, asked the pathologist if Henry’s existing condition, his kidney problems for example, could have contributed to that malnourishment.

Ubaidat admitted yes, that was possible.  

Mother and daughter are back on trial Monday afternoon.

Henry died at the Chaleur Regional Hospital on Nov. 4, 2010. He had five bed sores at the time.

The court will hear from more witnesses on Monday.