The New Brunswick SPCA has seized 143 animals from a home in Fredericton, a menagerie that included everything from dogs and cats to potbellied pigs and chinchillas.

It is the biggest seizure of animals in the province this year.

Executive director Hilary Howes said it could be a case of animal hoarding.

He expects charges of neglect will be laid.

The SPCA applied for an entry warrant on Tuesday after receiving an anonymous complaint.

Animal protection officer Olivia Justason said what officers found when they entered the home was shocking.

Animal seizure

Thirty birds were among the 143 animals seized from a Fredericton home. (CBC)

"We found about 58 cats, 21 dogs, about 30 birds — and they were all larger parrot types — about 20 rats, six potbellied pigs, five chinchillas and some assorted gerbils," said Justason.

The birds were flying around and the animals were running free, she said.

Justason and several volunteers spent all day and evening removing the animals.

The seized animals have been put into foster homes or SPCA shelters.

"The animals are our first concern, so we'll spend the next little while making sure every one who needs veterinary care gets it, every one's assessed and on the mend," said Justason. "From there, we work towards the court process and any applicable charges being laid."

Justason said some of the animals were healthy, but others were in "pretty bad shape."

Howes said staff had to take precautions before entering the home.

"Our animal protection officers and the volunteers involved all had to wear proper masks because of the amount of ammonia in the air coming off the urine of the different animals," he said.

Memramcook case

The case comes just two months after 52 animals were seized from a trailer home in the Moncton area.

Donalda Donahue, of Memramcook, abandoned her pets for 16 days while she vacationed in Florida.

The SPCA found one dog dead and another one died a short time later. The animals were dehydrated and some were undernourished.

Donahue, who pleaded guilty to neglect, was given a three-month conditional sentence, including one month of house arrest.

She was also banned from owning or caring for animals for 18 months, but was allowed to keep one dog and one cat.