Sparkle Bridal Boutique in Fredericton files for bankruptcy

The Sparkle Bridal Boutique in Fredericton has filed for bankruptcy, but a fundraiser is in the works to help brides left without gowns.

Fundraiser to help "Girls Without Gowns" planned for June 14

A Fredericton bridal boutique, at the centre of a heated battle with its customers in recent weeks, has filed for bankruptcy.

A bankruptcy notice and "for rent" sign have now been placed in the window of Sparkle Bridal Boutique on York Street.

Grant Thornton Poirier Limited has been appointed the trustee.

Last month, more than a dozen brides and bridesmaids gathered outside the boutique demanding answers, when they learned the store had abruptly closed its doors.

Some brides told CBC News they were hearing too many excuses for their late dresses and questioned whether the orders had been placed at all.

Some customers have since managed to get help from other boutiques, but many have lost thousands of dollars on dresses, or dress deposits, said Simon Bowser, who has a friend who was among them.

Bowser has created a Facebook page called Not Without My Dress and is raising money to help the "girls without gowns who fell victim to the closing of Sparkle Bridal Boutique" recoup some of their losses.

The Not Without My Dress Charity Bridal Buffet will be held on June 14 at the Delta Fredericton.

It will include dinner, live entertainment, a silent auction and a "buffet" of items geared towards brides. Tickets are $45 and only on sale until June 8 through Reads Newsstand and Cafe, and Infinity Cheer.