Moncton snowbank

Moncton Deputy Fire Chief Don McCabe says snowbank tunneling is not safe, especially near streets. (Gavin Simms/CBC)

The Moncton Fire Department is warning about the dangers of tunneling in snowbanks after responding to a call Monday about a young girl being trapped.

Deputy Chief Don McCabe says it's unclear whether the girl was tunneling when the snowbank collapsed on her.

By the time crews arrived at the scene, she had already been safely removed from the snow by her father, he said.

"She didn't have to go the hospital, the paramedics just checked her out and she was OK. She was scared more than anything," he said.

Still, after the latest winter wallop over the weekend dumped about 30 centimetres in some regions, McCabe wants to get the message out that tunneling is not safe.

"Especially anywhere near the street that a plow just comes by to widen the street out and collapses the tunnel," he stressed.