Roof shovelling

Roof rakes, shovels and rock salt are in short supply at many hardware stores. (CBC)

Snow removal equipment is becoming scarce at hardware stores across New Brunswick as extreme winter weather conditions continue.

Demand is higher than normal this year, said Tony Robichaud, manager of the Dieppe Home Hardware.

His store and many others are out of most types of shovels, roof rakes and rock salt, he said.

"This entire area here at the front was completely full of shovels and scoops. Wiped out. This area was full of salt," said Robichaud.

"The salt itself is because we source it out of Quebec," he said. "I think with the weather they've experienced in Quebec with the ice storm recently, the demand from the supplier is such that they can't keep up."

Matt LeBlanc, who works for a trucking company, went to Home Hardware looking for salt.

"I got a driver right now, he's stuck in the yard. He can't move," said LeBlanc. "I need something, even cat litter if worst comes to worst."

Robichaud says customers have been buying up such supplies in a panic.

Some people are especially concerned with the weight of the snow on their roofs, he said.

Robichaud hopes new stocks will be available soon, but exactly when when will likely depend on the weather, he said.