Snow the cat finds new home with one of rescuers

A 19-year-old New Maryland student is being celebrated by a local animal rescue organization for spending multiple hours over several days trying to rescue an abandoned kitten.

Liam King and friends spent hours coaxing kitten from hiding place.

A rescued kitten named Snow will find a home with one the men who rescued her. (Contributed by CARMA (Cat rescue Maritimes Fredericton Chapter))

Liam King, a 19-year-old New Maryland student, is planning to adopt an abandoned kitten he rescued over the weekend. He is being celebrated by a local animal rescue organization for spending multiple hours over several days trying to rescue the cat, known as Snow.

King and two of his friends had been on their way to get pizza late Thursday night when they nearly struck the feline with their vehicle on the New Maryland highway.

The group decided to put their pizza run on hold and try and find the kitten after it limped into the woods. 

"I don't think we hit it," said King. "But we could tell it was in rough shape." 

The three university students that rescued an abandoned kitten. From left, Ray Cronin, Matt Richard, Liam King. (Contributed by Ray Cronin)

After searching, they eventually found Snow hiding under a pile of rocks. 

"And that's where we tried to get him out for two or three hours at least. But we couldn't so we came back at 6:00 a.m. and brought him food and stuff like that," said King.

King would return for the next few days to the pile of rocks to feed the animal and try to coax it out.  

"He had a broken tail and I know he had severe frostbite on his ears and paws and he was very malnourished and dehydrated," he said.  

King eventually contacted cat rescue workers at Carma in Fredericton who also spent part of the weekend retrieving the kitten. After Snow was rescued the small white cat was taken to the vet. 

"And the end of the tail — whatever had happened to it — the bone was exposed to the point where we had to amputate," said Sue Knight, president of Carma. 

"This type of thing happens way too much, people just abandon pets on the side of the road and expect them to survive. They don't. This cat was lucky to have crossed paths with Liam," said Knight. 

"It was near death," she said.

"The cuts and bruises on its front legs were infected and he was riddled with fleas. But he should make a full recovery."  

King hopes to bring Snow home Monday or Tuesday. He's thinking about changing the kitten's name.

"I might change it to Rocky just because we found him under a pile of rocks. It's fitting."

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