Service New Brunswick

Service New Brunswick centres are reporting a significant increase in wait times after a new computer system was installed to handle motor vehicle information. (CBC)

A new computer system installed at Service New Brunswick centres has caused a significant increase in wait times for people looking to update their motor vehicle information.

The computer system was installed on May 12 and since then, there have been long delays for people updating their motor vehicle information. Some people have been forced to wait hours.

Craig Chouinard, a spokesperson for Service New Brunswick, said the average wait time should now be about 30 minutes.

Chouinard said the system change was necessary.

"It's a newer system, like the old system was based on 1970s technology,” he said.

“The new motor vehicle system, it’s got more safety features in terms of information security. The new registration form that you get has more information on it compared to the previous form. It's more up to date in terms of how it works and in terms of its compatibility with newer systems."

Chouinard says the new motor vehicle registration is now the size of a piece of paper, instead of the old "card" style.

He said Service New Brunswick set up a kiosk in Moncton on Monday to try and reduce wait times.

Staff are encouraging people to look at other options, such as online transactions, to avoid long wait times.

"[Wait times are] going to ebb and flow with the number of people there," he said.

"But the department has put extra staff on at a lot of the centres to handle the demand."