Slippery sidewalks raise ire of pedestrians

Spring is just a couple of days away but the sidewalks in several New Brunswick cities remain ice-covered.

Some pedestrians in Fredericton say they're fed up with ice-covered sidewalks

Janique LeBlanc and her daughter Ev hold hands on the slippery sidewalks in Fredericton. (CBC)

Spring is just a couple of days away but the sidewalks in several New Brunswick cities remain ice-covered.

In Fredericton, many pedestrians say they're fed up with the slippery conditions.

Austin Hetherington, a University of New Brunswick student, is among them.

"I was getting out of my car in the student union parking lot and as I was walking down to the [student union building], I slipped and fell and broke my ankle and so I went to the hospital and there’s the possibility of needing surgery for it," Hetherington said.

To make matters worse, a car slid into Hetherington's car and damaged the bumper while he was at the hospital, he said.

"It's very tricky," said James Monteith. "It would be hard for anybody with disabilities — they wouldn't be able to get out in this weather.

Tony Ward described the city's sidewalks as "a little treacherous."

"I'm not sure if the city owns any sand or salt any longer," he said.

Mike Walker, acting streets and roads manager, says his crews are trying to keep on top of conditions, but the daily freeze and thaw cycles have proven problematic.

"It's certainly difficult this time of year because you've got snowbanks on both sides of your sidewalk, drainage doesn't really work. It's always a concern," Walker said.

Now that the temperature is below freezing, crews have been out sanding the sidewalks, he said.

"If there is an area that has become slippery, we ask that people call our engineering and operations dispatch," Walker said.

Meanwhile, pedestrians are urged to wear footwear with good grips and to watch their step.