Several skinheads tried to disrupt a rally organized by supporters of the federal Liberal-NDP coalition last Thursday night in Moncton, Codiac RCMP have confirmed.

Three men with shaved heads heckled the crowd of 200 people in Moncton who gathered to support the coalition formed between the two opposition parties to replace the Conservative government.

Police quickly cornered the men and kept them away from the rally.

Deedee Daigle, one of the rally's organizers, said she's seen the ringleader at other public rallies.

"I personally ran into him about three years ago when we did a rally in Saint John against the proposed Atlantic gateway," she said.

"As far as I can tell … he takes an opposing view from what's there. But what he's just trying to do is to rile up the crowd and see if he can get them to start behaving in a mob-like way."

Daigle said that at a rally in Saint John, the same man tried to convince students to throw rocks at police. She said he was also at another rally in Halifax a year ago.

That's why she wasn't surprised to see him and two followers trying to provoke the crowd once again, Daigle said.

RCMP Const. Brian Butler says there are six to 10 skinheads active in New Brunswick. He said they love getting media attention by trying to disrupt public gatherings.

The best way to deal with them, he said, is to ignore them and their taunts.