Ski hills in northern New Brunswick extend season

Sugarloaf Provincial Park in Atholville and Mont Farlagne in Edmundston are extending their ski season due to ideal conditions, but Poley Mountain near Sussex and Crabbe Mountain, north of Fredericton, are planning to close on Sunday, as scheduled.

Sugarloaf staying open for an extra week, Mont Farlagne for two more weeks if winter sticks around

Sugarloaf Provincial Park general manager Greg Dion says he's extending the ski season by at least a week and maybe longer if the winter weather continues.

"Conditions right now are perfect," Dion said on Friday. "We've got lots of nice cold snow to ski on."

He says the skiing has been "awesome" and with the added snow he plans to keep Sugarloaf open until April 6, and possibly longer.

"When we announced it in the lodge the whole crowd had a big cheer, that's for sure," Dion said.

Sugarloaf had initially been scheduled to close on March 29.

Mont Farlagne in Edmunston is also extending its season by at least a couple of weeks, according to its website.

It will be open until April 12 if the cold conditions continue, the website states.

Dion says February and March have brought consistently good conditions for skiers.

Poley and Crabbe planning to close Sunday

Bill Anderson, general manager of Poley Mountain Ski Resort near Sussex, isn't convinced that the 40 centimetres that fell this week will be enough to stay open past Sunday.

Poley is scheduled to finish the season on Sunday and Anderson expects to stick to that.

"This is New Brunswick and you never know what you're going to get," he said. "The snow is melting really fast underneath."

Crabbe Mountain, north of Fredericton, is also planning to close on Sunday.

"Everybody has their own opinion on when they close, it's a business so you have to run it as a business," Anderson said.

Good ski season

Anderson says Sunday will mark 100 days of skiing at Poley this season, which is better than average.

"Ninety-two to 93 days is average and anything over that is good."

"We're into spring weather now so who knows what's going to happen in the next week or so  even this weekend, you look at the weather and it's up and down."

Dion says it's also been an excellent season for Sugarloaf, which opened on Dec. 23.

Anderson says Poley started off strong on Dec. 14 and the season has provided consistently good skiing.

"We had some ups and downs in late January and early February, but March was really, really good to us."