A Saint John rail company is urging people to stay off the tracks after noticing teens at a nearby skatepark taking regular shortcuts over the tracks.

Saint John’s Station One Skate Park is right underneath a highway overpass and right beside the N.B. Southern Railway’s train tracks.

N.B. Southern Railway

N.B. Southern Railway safety coordinator Lorrie Johnston says it’s not just skateboarders jumping the tracks. (CBC)

Fifteen-year-old Kirk Gullison says it's been one of the best skate parks he’s been to.

But the company says it's been dealing with pedestrians looking for shortcuts along its tracks.

On Friday, N.B. Southern Railway held a barbecue to raise awareness of how dangerous train tracks can be.

Safety coordinator Lorrie Johnstone says it’s not just skateboarders. 

“We've been getting some reports from our train crew about some issues in and around the railway,” she said.

She says staff have also noticed people jumping on freight trains, an act that cost a man his life just down the line from the skate park in July of 2013.

Sgt. Jeff LaFrance with the Saint John Police says not only is going on tracks dangerous, it’s also illegal.

“You're actually not permitted to be on train tracks, it's trespassing to be on a track track. And you can be charged,” he said.