Anti-shale gas protesters blocked Highway 11 near Rexton again Wednesday, said RCMP.

Burning tires and pallets stretched across the highway for hours, but the road was reopened around 10 p.m. AT.

Police also arrested one protester for mischief earlier in the day. They say the man - who was dressed like Santa Claus - was in the middle of the road, impeding traffic.

On Monday, about 100 protesters blocked the highway for several hours with a tire fire after a judge agreed to extend SWN Resources Canada's injunction to keep protesters from interfering with the company's exploration work in the area.

Under the terms of the injunction, protesters must stay 20 metres away from the side of roads where the company is working and 250 metres away from the front or back of its trucks.

SWN Resources now has until Dec. 17 to complete its seismic mapping of the area.