An Acadian artist nominated for francophone music artist of the year in Nova Scotia was in Moncton this weekend to launch his latest album — in English.

Selby Evans said his latest album was inspired by the Longfellow poem Evangeline, a story of an Acadian woman and her search for her lost love.

"Initially when I finished my English degree my grandmother had given me a copy of the poem as a gift. A rather old copy, and I started to read it and while I was familiar with the story it hadn't quite struck me how beautiful a story and inspiring story it was . And how tragic a story it was," said Evans.

Evans first album was entirely in French and this album is in English because Evans said he really celebrates both languages.

"I'd say that bilingualism is very important to me. I grew up speaking both French and English and so my first album really was in many ways an homage to my parents instilled in me this interest in music," said Evans.

He also said he was inspired to go into music while out surfing. When he was attending Dalhousie University and was looking for a surf spot he found some inspirational places.

"I often discovered places or stumbled upon places with Acadian heritage even in some of the names of towns or places that are actually references which are historically significant," said Evans.

And for the latest album Evans said people familiar with Evangeline might notice lyrics in the album inspired from verses and scenes from the poem.  

"Its an interesting dialogue between the present moment and the story of a present day Acadian in a relationship with her partner. And between the story of Evangeline and Gabriel," said Evans.