A Liberal MLA is calling for the legislative administration committee to start holding its meetings in public.

The all-party committee, which oversees the running of the legislature and makes decisions on issues ranging from MLA pension plans to who is banned from the building, always meets behind closed doors.


Liberal House Leader Bill Fraser says the legislative administration committee should meet publicly, like its counterpart in Nova Scotia. (CBC)

Liberal Opposition House leader Bill Fraser says while it's not an official Liberal Party election promise, he believes the committee should meet in public, as it does in neighbouring Nova Scotia.

“For openness and transparency," he said.

"Brian Gallant's been very clear that we need more openness, more transparency. We've introduced a number of accountability bills in the legislature. That's something you'd have to speak to him about, but I don't see why not."

He would make an exception, however, about personnel matters, he added.

Earlier this week, the committee, known as LAC, voted to investigate how Campbellton-Restigouche MLA Greg Davis has handled his office expense claims.

Although Davis claimed the maximum $40,000 for his constituency office in Campbellton, a bailiff's notice was placed on his door, threatening to seize his office furniture over $6,665 in unpaid rent.

That same day, Davis announced he would not be reoffering in September's provincial election.

Members have promised to make the report public, but the committee's discussions have been held in secret.

No one from the Progressive Conservative Party was available on Thursday to comment on Fraser's suggestion.

A bill currently before the legislature would require MLAs to publicly post all their expense claims online.

The Tories have said they will likely support the bill introduced by Liberal Leader Brian Gallant in November, months before the Davis situation was revealed.