Search for missing Saint John High School student continues

The Saint John Police Force is asking for help from the public to locate Genevieve Mary Cormier, 19, who was last seen on Sept. 29.

Genevieve Cormier, 19, was last seen on Sept. 29

The Saint John Police Force is asking for the public's help in locating missing teenager Genevieve Cormier. 2:02

The Saint John Police Force is asking for help from the public to locate a missing high school student.

Genevieve Mary Cormier, 19, was last seen on Sept. 29 in the uptown area, said Sgt. Jay Henderson.

Cormier, who goes as Gen, according to her Facebook profile, was with a friend, walking away from the Tim Hortons on King Street, he said.

Her mother, Janine Noel-Hawkins, reported her missing to police the following day.

"She told her friends she was heading home and just disappeared," Noel-Hawkins told CBC News. "It just doesn't make sense and I'm just really scared."

Noel-Hawkins says the last time she saw her daughter, she had cooked supper, cleaned up and then kissed her goodbye before heading out with some friends in the uptown area.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, she said.

"She's had problems with anxiety, she was getting help for that, dealing with it. She's a positive person, even when she gets down. She'll write ways to keep her up, or happy thoughts. She always wants to look on the bright side," said Noel-Hawkins.

"I just want her to know that even if she did do something that she's afraid she could be in trouble for, or just something that was out of character, that nobody would be mad at her. That anything can be worked out, [I] just want her to come home."

Police 'concerned'

Police are not calling Cormier's disappearance suspicious, but do say it's unusual.

"As time goes on, we're certainly concerned with this case," said Henderson.

"Normally there’s history of depression, it might even be a relationship issue, but in this case, there is no history so that makes this one different," he said.

"We would certainly welcome any tips that come in from the public."

Police have received numerous tips about possible sightings of Cormier, who is currently on a co-op placement, he said. One such sighting was on Chesley Drive, which connects the west side to the north end.

"We are following up on every tip that comes in," said Henderson, adding police have also done sporadic searches throughout the city. "And we are continuing to do that today," he said.

'Not like her'

A Facebook group has also been launched to help locate Cormier. By mid-afternoon Wednesday it already had more than 300 members.

Missing person posters are also popping up around the city.

Cormier's close friend Robyn Mason says they were supposed to hang out together on Sunday, but Cormier cancelled, saying she was tired.

Mason didn't think much about Cormier's absence from Saint John High School on Monday, but that has since changed.

"It's not like her at all to do that — to just leave and not tell anyone," Mason said. "She always tells her mom, like where she is and stuff. And like, her mom hadn't heard from her. I knew there was something, something happened."

Cormier is described as being about five feet seven inches, or five feet eight inches tall, weighing 120 pounds with a thin build.

She has long brown hair that she wears straight, or in a ponytail. She has hazel eyes and will usually wear a light amount of makeup.

Cormier has pierced ears and a black bird tattoo on her left shoulder blade. She often wears a large number of bracelets.

Typically, Cormier dresses in jeans and a T-shirt or sweater and wears white Puma sneakers or sandals.

Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is asked to contact the police at 506-648-3333, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.