A search for a boater missing since Saturday on the Scoudouc River near Shediac has been scaled back.

Ronald Savoie, 38, was canoeing with another man as part of the Scoudouc River Run over the weekend when their canoe hit a tree and flipped.

Savoie, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket when he went into the water, was swept away with the current and hasn’t been seen since. The other man was able to make it to shore.

Savoie’s family and friends joined members of Southeast RCMP, Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue, as well as fire and ambulance crews in the search.

However, on Sunday researchers battled windy and rainy weather that made the water run faster than usual.

Joseph Labelle is the executive search manager of Tri-County Search and Rescue.

“Obviously, this time of the year, going on any water body is fairly risky, particularly in rivers that are a lot lower during the summer. There’s a lot of debris in the river, there's a lot of branches that are overhanging in the river, there’s a lot of unseen debris in the river because the water is so murky,” he said.

Police say they will continue regular patrols of the area.

The Scoudouc River usually takes about six hours to paddle, but with the strong current it took just three hours on Saturday.