Scoudouc River search for canoeist hit by bad weather

RCMP are searching for a canoeist who flipped out of his boat and floated away from his friend Saturday.

Ronald Savoie fell out of boat Saturday afternoon

An RCMP helicopter joined the Scoudouc River search. (Matt Bingley/CBC)

RCMP are battling bad weather as they search for a canoeist who flipped out of his boat and floated away on a New Brunswick river Saturday.

Cst. René Blanchard said two men were paddling on the Scoudouc River. Ronald Savoie of Grande-Digue disappeared at 2:30 p.m., RCMP said. 

Apparently the two struck a tree and flipped. The friend got to shore.  

Crews searched for him Saturday and suspended the search overnight. Searchers were due back out Sunday morning. Members of Southeast RCMP, Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue, and fire and ambulance crews are helping. 

It is cold, windy and rainy, and the river is running very fast. 

It was not clear if the man was participating in the Scoudouc River Run taking place on the river at the time.

It usually takes six hours to paddle the length of the river, but the strong current meant it took just three hours Saturday. 

Savoie is six feet tall, weighs 180 pounds and was wearing a dark hoodie, jeans and rubber boots.