Move over kids: the grown-ups want to have fun.

As part of Fredericton's FROSTival, adults tried experiments through Science East Friday evening.

Science East organizer Marlee Charlton said she teaches adults differently from children.

"With the adults, it's going to be a lot of kind of seeing if they can figure it out on their own, versus us actually, you know telling them," Charlton said. "We'll be a lot more joking ... A little more laid back."

Science East

Science East staff get ready for the food and drink adult-only science night. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Toffee and science

Around 150 people attended Friday, learning the science of food and drink at the licensed event. The adult-only event was bustling in a festival with many family activities, programming director Michael Edwards said. 

"We're now getting university students and beyond who were probably here as a kid," Edwards said. "It's not that we've got a new audience; it's just our audience is shifting."

Edwards teaches the molecular properties of sugar, served with tasty treats such as toffee.

The event was sold out. The annual festival runs the next three weeks.