The head of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association says the provincial government has started releasing the budget money it had been withholding from school districts.

President Heather Smith says she has confirmed that at least two anglophone school districts have received their outstanding money.


Heather Smith, of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association, believes all districts will get their full budget amounts. (NBTA)

Last month, anglophone school districts were told they would have to wait to get the final 30 per cent of their budgets, while francophone schools had 25 per cent of their budgets withheld, pending a review.

"I believe the explanation schools were given is that the budget discussions at the department level with districts has been completed and that they are now in a position to forward the rest of the money to schools," said Smith.

She expects all districts will be getting their full amount.

Department of Education officials could not be reached for comment on Friday.

On Oct. 18, Education Minister Jody Carr would not confirm whether schools would receive their entire operating budgets this year. He told CBC News the department was continuing to evaluate its "archaic" budget system.

"We're very pleased that the money is there," said Smith. "Now schools are going to be able to plan for the school year, they're going to be able to follow through on plans they had made before."

The Department of Education has been tightening its budget for several years.