After a shaky year, organizers of SappyFest, a music and art festival in Sackville, N.B., say they are back on firm financial ground.

The festival celebrated its 9th event over the weekend with headliners The Constantines. Lead singer Bry Webb called it "a homecoming."

"It's amazing to come back and for it to carry on," said Webb.

"I brought my son and Katie, my wife here, is part of the scream choir happening down the street in a few minutes. It's a very important part of our family."

Sappy's financial trouble last year led some to wonder if its run was over. Its organizers have always shunned major corporate sponsors. To make up for losses last year they sold a book looking back at the festival's history.

"It obviously wouldn`t be possible without the support of every single person who bought the book and every single person who's here this weekend and has been in the past," said new festival creative director Lucas Hicks.

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of Sappy, which Hicks said will likely call for a big celebration.