Water burst out from this water main break on Rothesay Avenue (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Saint John's emergency operations centre has been activated after a water main ruptured in the city's east end Saturday morning.

Fire crews, police, and the city are all meeting to tackle the storm.

Crews have shut off the flow to the burst on Rothesay Avenue, but the area where water came spewing out is a mess of crumpled asphalt.

In some areas the water is a few feet deep. It has centralized in front of a car garage.

Repair workers have been fighting against blowing snow and blasts of ice, reported the CBC's Matthew Bingley.

Many Saint John residents woke up without water on Saturday, but it's slowly returning to the area.

There's a boil water advisory in effect for anyone living west of Rothesay Avenue and Russell Street.

For now emergency crews are urging anyone who doesn't need to be outside to stay off the roads.