Saint John Transit will be cutting several routes as a part of budget cuts. Councillors voted on Monday to review a budget cap impose on Saint John Transit. (CBC)

Saint John councillors voted on Monday night to review the budget cap placed on Saint John Transit but that will happen after the upcoming route cuts and job losses.

While the councillors are open to reviewing the budget cap, there appears to be little hope the cap will be lifted in time to prevent driver layoffs and cuts to bus routes scheduled for Dec. 26.

The review of the budget cap will come during the upcoming 2012 budget deliberations, which is after the looming cuts will come into effect.

There appeared to be little appetite among councillors on Monday night to divert money to the transit authority from some other departments or to raise taxes.

"There's another taxpayer that's not mentioned very often, it's the homeowners that pay for everything. And the homeowners that pay for everything ... are taxed out," Coun. Bruce Court said.

The cuts are expected to result in 15 drivers being laid off or having their status reduced to part-time.

Saint John councillors, however, voted against an attempt by Coun. Patty Higgins to schedule public consultations before the cuts are imposed.

Saint John Transit was instructed by city council to hold its 2011 and 2012 budgets to one per cent increases. The commission came in over budget by about $800,000.