Saint John's only gay nightclub will close at the end of March, in part because members of the younger generation don't feel limited to gay bars, says its co-owners.

The scene is changing, said Jenny Gillingham, one of of the Pump Nightclub owners.

Younger people are comfortable in most clubs and their peers are more accepting of them.

She said the nightclub, which was open for three years, wasn't getting the support it needed from the younger crowd.

It had been losing money for the last year.

Co-owner Troy Morehouse said he feels badly for older members of the gay community who have been regulars at the club.

"The younger crowd has it a bit easier than the older crowd does, feeling comfortable at a different venue," he said.

"Growing up where you couldn't be out publically, you couldn't be out at a bar with your other half, whereas the younger crowd today has it a little bit easier because people tend to be more accepting."

Gillingham said she hopes her older customers will also be able to find a club where they feel accepted.

"I think things are changing, but I think there's still needs to be some sort of a bar — maybe not to label it as anything — just have a bar and make it that it's gay friendly and make those people very comfortable in that bar but it doesn't necessarily have to be called a gay bar," said Gillingham.

Pump Nightclub's final night will be March 30.