More people say they want answers about what happened to a housing development promised to over five dozen families who were pushed from Saint John's Crescent Valley.

The neighbourhood remains a series of empty lots after low income housing in the area was demolished years ago and not rebuilt as promised.

Andrea White was forced from the neighbourhood in 2008 with promises she would be back long before now.

"It makes me sad. This is where we were supposed to be,” she said.

Arthur Watson grew up in the area and is among a growing number of people questioning what happened to plans to build low income housing for people pushed from here years ago.

"171 Churchill Blvd - that was the first house gone and a few months later houses started coming down more quickly,” he says.

“To see them dispersed you know it’s a really sad thing and they were really hopeful that they would be able to move back here and create new memories."

The area used to hold 88 aging public housing units. Residents were moved out so the buildings could be demolished and rebuilt.

In 2011 the federal and provincial governments announced they would build a 60 unit seniors' complex that included 30 subsidized apartments. But two and a half years later it still has not been built.

Instead a new YMCA is to be built on the land that was supposed to be public housing. 

Civic and political leaders broke ground for the YMCA two weeks ago.

Juanita Black is a local poverty activist who works on a community newsletter. "If they tear them down and build new maybe some of the residents will come back,” she said.

“Maybe the funding needs support … maybe that's fallen through but I wish somebody would tell us something.”