Saint John principal named to board of police commissioners

Hazen White-St. Francis Elementary School Principal Jennifer Carhart named to Saint John Board of Police Commissioners

Jennifer Carhart is known for her work helping children from low-income families

Jennifer Carhart, an elementary school principal, was selected on Monday night as the newest member of the Saint John Board of Police Commissioners.

Carhart, 36, leads the Hazen White – St. Francis School and is known for her work helping children from low-income families in Saint John.

Carhart introduced a volunteer-run breakfast program and a mentor program, as well as raised test scores at the school.

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to meet new people and get to know the inner workings of the city," said Carhart.

“When you're building teams, I think it's important to bring a variety of people to the table because everyone has their own personal interests, but also their own personal and professional experience. And those things serve to balance the table and bring perspective when you're looking at controversial issues.”

Juanita Black, a poverty activist in the city, said she thinks Carhart is an excellent choice for the board.

“She jogs through the community. She goes to community stakeholder meetings. She comes to Crescent Valley meetings. If there's a problem with a child at school, she'll go and visit the child and visit the parent and find out what's wrong," said Black.

"And that's what you need — someone that's a hands-on type of person."

Two years ago, Carhart was recognized for her work with the city's impoverished when she received the Diamond Jubilee Medal from Prince Charles.