Saint John is again asking the provincial government to find a fix to the traffic chaos at the notorious Simms Corner intersection.

Saint John council is seeking a commitment from the Department of Transportation to rebuild Simms Corner, an intersection that's designated as part of Provincial Highway 100.

City officials estimate it would cost $13 million to fix the corner's traffic problems.

There is a mix of transport trucks and other vehicles that constantly drive down the narrow one-way street that is lined with homes to get to the highway.

The traffic congestion is causing problems for the grocery stores and other businesses lining Fairville Boulevard.

Council wants the Simms Corner project included on the Department of Transportation's 2012 project list and it is sending out a formal request. City officials also plan to meet with transportation staff before the next capital budget is out.

The Department of Transportation normally releases its capital budget in December.

Coun. Peter McGuire said that part of the city has the potential to be a retail hub but has a problem with access.

"The point has come where I think it really is affecting the retail and business growth because of that Simms Corner chaos," McGuire said.

McGuire said he is also growing more concerned about a nearby residential street that's turned into a popular shortcut for drivers trying to get to and from Fairville Boulevard.

The city has put up temporary barricades to discourage drivers from cutting through the one-way street.

Carmelita McKinley lives in the area and she said traffic has never been so bad.

"It's too much and now there's children on the street now and they're sneaking up the street besides where they're not supposed to be doing, but i know it isn't right," McKinley said.