Saint John police are warning the general public not to consume two synthetic drugs that are sometimes mistaken for or misrepresented as LSD.

The warning comes after the police seized quantities of drugs known as 25I and DMT in an investigation involving a residence in the north end of Saint John.

"DMT is a dangerous, hallucinogenic drug causing powerful, short-lived effects," said Sgt. Jay Henderson in a police advisory posted on YouTube.

"It is smoked, ingested or even injected and induces intense hallucinations that can cause users to become dangerously unaware of their surroundings."

Henderson said 25I is also a dangerous hallucinogenic drug with effects that can last up to 10 hours.

"We are warning the general public that any such substances purchased should not be consumed."

The 25I seized by police was offered on small, square pieces of paper, often referred to as "blotter," said Henderson.

The DMT seized was in a solid, crystal state.

"Two-five-I (25I) and DMT are sometimes mistaken or misrepresented as the drug LSD," said Henderson.

The investigation is ongoing, said Henderson.

"We will require experts in the field of chemistry to analyze the chemicals and final product," he said.