Residents of a Saint John neighbourhood haven't had mail service in a week. (CBC)

Without mail service for nearly a week and no reasonable explanation for the disruption, residents in an east Saint John neighbourhood say they're frustrated.

The last time Walter Peterson saw anything inside his mail box was last Friday.

"This is four days going straight and we got no mail at all. And the weather's great, the sun's out. Where's my mail? That's all I want to know," said Peterson.

He  says he called Canada Post several times to find out where his mail is.

So far, he's not getting any answers.

"I called the government and they say, 'We got to do another report.' Well excuse me, this is the third one and you still haven't told me on the first two what has happened. And they still won't tell me what has happened," he said.

Across the road, Amy Kilpatrick says her mail has been delayed before. But the last time was during a blizzard.

"Two or three days, it was when we had a really big snow storm and we couldn't get very many plows up here for snow removal. And then probably the end of the week we did get out mail, but that was it," said Kilpatrick.

Eugene Knapik, spokesperson for Canada Post, said the problem started with some vehicle trouble on Monday.

"Our vehicle broke down, so part of that route was delivered on Monday, part of it was not. We did deliver on Tuesday, we did not deliver on Wednesday. Our employee was off and that employee was covering for another employee who was off and we just couldn't find coverage," he said.

After a lot of waiting, a week's worth of Peterson's mail was delivered Thursday evening.

But he said he's still not satisfied with Canada Post's customer relations, He said he would have been happy to pick it up himself at the depot, had anyone bothered to call him back.