Saint John movie extras still waiting to get paid

Saint John area actors who played extras in the movie Dominion say they're still waiting to be paid more than two months after filming in the city wrapped up, but one of the producers assures their cheques are coming soon.

Producer of Dominion blames clerical error for 2 month delay, says cheques will be mailed within 2 weeks

Dozens of people who played extras in a movie shot in Saint John this summer say they still haven't been paid for their work.

One of the producers of Dominion is blaming a clerical error and says the project is still on track.

These aspiring Saint John area actresses played the swooning groupies who would flock to Dylan Thomas's public readings in the movie, Dominion. (CBC)
Dominion, which depicts the final days of famed poet Dylan Thomas, who wrote, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, wrapped up filming in the southwestern New Brunswick city on June 23.

The film garnered a lot of attention because it features Welsh actor Rhys Ifans as Thomas; Hollywood star John Malkovich, who plays Thomas's physician, and boasts L.A. director Steven Bernstein, of Monster and The Waterboy fame.

But as of Wednesday, Thomas Johansen was among the extra actors waiting for a pay cheque.

"I was there for a good nine hours. Like that was an entire day that I was there filming," said Johansen.

He says he took the job because he thought it would be fun, but he also needed the money.

"I am a student. So I'm in debt, naturally. So every little bit helps. And I was probably going to be paid $120, so that's a big chunk of change for me," he said.

"I think it's extremely unprofessional … I couldn't expect that I wouldn't be getting paid. Like that is really terrible."

Saint John-based producer, Nolan MacDonald, says an "accounting mishap" in Quebec is to blame.

He says Johansen and the estimated 250 actors from across the region who worked on the film will get their money within a week or two.

Meanwhile, the scenes shot in Saint John are still destined for the big screen, said MacDonald.

He and fellow producers, Steven Bernstein and Richard Gladstein (Pulp Fiction, Cider House Rules, The Bourne Identity), plan to have the movie ready for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, in January.