A Saint John man is calling for pooches to lose their park privileges at Little River Reservoir Park.

Jeff Scott says dog owners who use the park to walk their dogs aren't cleaning up after their pets. 

Jeff Scott

Jeff Scott would like to see pets banned from Little River Reservoir Park. (CBC)

Scott says it's ruining the trails for everyone else and he wants the city to crack down on people who don't scoop up what doggy did.

"To be honest I'd love to see dogs banned from this park, and I know that's a horrible thing to say, because I think all people should enjoy this," he said.

"But I think it was built for the people of Saint John, and not their animals."

Park user Brent Allen has also noticed the mess left behind by dogs.

"There is quite a bit of it out here, like when you're walking," said Allen.

 In the summer, the city stocks small bags in parks for people to clean up after their pets,  But at this time of year, pet owners are left to their own devices.

Coun. Ray Strowbridge

Coun. Ray Strowbridge says it's impossible to enforce the Saint John bylaw requiring people to clean up after their pets. (CBC)

"I know from the [Irving]

Nature Park and stuff, like you say, they have those bags everywhere, but out here, they're empty in the winter time," said Allen. "So I think that's the problem, people just don't bother … they just let it go."

Coun. Ray Strowbridge says it's a problem in all of the city's parks, but it's difficult to enforce the bylaw that says owners must clean up after their dogs.

"It's impossible to enforce it, it really is," said Strowbridge. "It's really about education and just good manners.

"And ultimately to take someone — if you did catch them — to take them to court, it's just too expensive. You'd be in court all day long trying to issue tickets to the people who violate these rules."