A lighthouse that has sat in uptown Saint John for roughly 30 years is moving back to Digby, N.S. (CBC)

Saint John is set to return a century-old lighthouse to Digby, N.S., after it spent roughly three decades welcoming tourists to the southern New Brunswick city.

The lighthouse was first built more than a century ago to stand at the Digby ferry terminal but it has occupied Saint John's waterfront for the last 30 years.

Recently, Digby Mayor Ben Cleveland asked for Saint John to return the lighthouse.

Kent MacIntyre, the general manager of the Saint John Waterfront Development Corp., said the New Brunswick city is willing to reconnect Digby with a piece of its history.

"Being here in Saint John, we understand history and heritage very, very well," MacIntyre said

"So we understood their request. They wanted to have a piece of their history and their heritage back in their town."

MacIntyre said a party is being organized for mid-October when the lighthouse leaves Saint John for its trip back to Digby.

He said the event will include hundreds of pounds of Digby scallops for the public to enjoy in Saint John.

Saint John and Digby are separated by the Bay of Fundy. The two cities are, however, connected by a ferry that makes the 72-kilometre crossing.

'A great piece of history'

The lighthouse’s departure will not leave the city without any other historic buildings. There are three lighthouses in Saint John’s waterfront area.

Peter Stoddard, a Saint John restaurant owner, said he understands why Digby would want its lighthouse back.

Stoddard said he hopes the Nova Scotia community appreciates having the lighthouse back in their town.

"We put some spotlight on a great piece of history here, between us and Digby, and hopefully it'll be something that'll carry on," he said.

Digby’s mayor is now busy making plans to repatriate the building.

Cleveland said the town is refurbishing its own waterfront and site is perfect for the lighthouse.

As for transport, Digby’s mayor is making arrangements with a local fisherman.

"We'd love to see the light come back to Digby on a vessel, coming through the gut with the light lit up as we come into the harbour," he said.