A trial of five men charged in connection with a riot at the Saint John Correctional Centre last year may not happen until early 2012.

The five men are accused of causing more than $350,000 in damage at the jail.

The case was scheduled to proceed Tuesday but was adjourned because Kayne Crothers, 27, is in hospital recovering from bronchial complications from a recent heart surgery and Terrence Kelleher asked for a new lawyer.

The other accused individuals are Luke Banks, 23, Michael MacKinnon, 31 and Charles Rose, 28.

This is the third time the case has been delayed. A new trial date for the five individuals will be set on Nov. 7.

Chris Titus, the Crown prosecutor, said such delays can be costly, but are difficult to avoid.

"There's five lawyers, there's myself, there's court staff, there's about 16 or 17 corrections officers that will testify, so it's an expensive process no question, but a good process and one again, that we'll push through to its conclusion," Titus said.

On Jan. 9, 2010, 16 inmates at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre barricaded themselves inside a unit.

Furniture, sinks, toilets, lights, wiring and walls were all damaged and the jail was locked down for more than nine hours.

The accused each face charges of mischief causing damage over $5,000 and willful interference with the use, enjoyment and operation of the property.