Norman Logue is a fixture on the west side of Saint John. (Cherise Letson / CBC)

People in Saint John were quick to come to the aid of local busker whose guitar was broken in an altercation.

Norman Logue is a fixture on the west side of Saint John, often seen and heard singing and playing his guitar on Main Street.

When Logue's guitar was smashed last week, members of the Loyalist City News Chasers jumped to help him.

"I posted it on the site and within five minutes we had a new guitar for Norm," said Doreen Parsons, who is one of the group's administrators.

"And we took it over that night."

Other group members started a crowd-funding page to help purchase items that Logue needed. Within 15 minutes they raised $300 to buy clothing, groceries, Tim Hortons gift cards and food for Logue's cats.

"Norm would never ask for a thing," said Parsons.

She said Logue is the type of person who will pay the kindness forward.

"If he sees someone that needs a coffee, he will take that coffee card and buy them one," said Parsons.

"He's just an all-around good guy that's been down on his luck for a lot of years."

Logue said he's thankful for the community's generosity and plans to continue to play the blues around the city on his new six-string.