Saint John granite sculptures almost ready

Artists from around the world are nearing the completion of their work on granite sculptures that will be on display in public spaces across Saint John.
After several weeks, six artists from around the world are almost finished carving large pieces of granite into art. 1:36

The Sculpture Saint John Symposium, which has brought artists together from around the world to create art in a public setting, is almost finished.

For nearly six weeks, artists from as far away as Japan and the Republic of Georgia have been turning massive chunks of granite into art.

With just over a week to go, their work is beginning to show through the dust and stone chips.

The project started as 110 tonnes of granite.

Once finished, the sculptures will be on display for the public to view. Then the works will be installed in their permanent locations across the Saint John region.

The CBC's Matthew Bingley visited the work site to check out the artists' progress.