This summer has been enough to challenge even the most fog-hardened Saint Johner.

Over the past few weeks the sun has been absent more often than not. In a city well known for extremely low lying clouds, the weather has been especially damp in recent weeks and even tourists are taking note.

Christina Ninham says the weather isn’t great for her photos of the port city.

"We didn't know there was an island, just yonder because of the fog," she says. "We're kinda being touristy, so we're trying to look for different things, but it's really hard because it's very foggy and the pictures aren't coming out well."

Saint John

The cruise ship Carnival Glory pokes through the fog in Saint John. (Submitted by Byron Thomas)

It's not just anecdotes, Environment Canada says there were only four days in the last two weeks that were fog-free.

Gordon Dalzell is with Saint John Citizens Coalition for Clean Air and is used to monitoring the city's air quality for pollution. He doesn't track foggy days, but he's hoping for some relief so he can finish painting his house.

'I've been trying to paint the side of my house now for weeks.' - Gordon Dalzell

"I've been trying to paint the side of my house now for weeks," he says. "I did get one side done, but we just didn't have the sunny conditions. Like today, where the sun is trying to get through."

Ann McShane owns the Feel Good Store and is trying to put a positive spin on the foggy weather.

"There are always things you need to do during the week, the month, the year that you never get around to," she says.


Sunny days like this have been few and far between, only four in the past two weeks.

"Everyone complains that they don't have time to do them. Well, on foggy days, it’s the perfect time to get around to doing them. Foggy projects, like people never get a chance to exfoliate their skin, they say. Well, today's the day to exfoliate your skin."

McShane points out her customers love to talk about the weather, even if it's just to grumble about the lack of sun.