Saint John is preparing to hike its paving budget by $1.5 million so it can resurface 36 streets or parts of streets this summer but that will only fix up a fraction of the city's roads that have fallen into disrepair.

The city has assembled a growing list of streets that need immediate attention and what roads may be too far gone.


Coun. Bill Farren said Saint John councils in the 1980s and 1990s are to blame for the poor condition of the city's streets.

Along with the 36 streets and sections that will be resurfaced this summer, there are roughly 200 streets that are in such desperate condition that they need to be completely rebuilt.

It was estimated last summer the city needs about $39 million to catch up on its road repairs.

Coun. Bill Farren said the condition of roads can be blamed on political decisions made by previous city councils.

"The last couple of councils each of them have done a lot more, and I mean a lot more, than councils have done in the ‘90s and the ‘80s," Farren said.

"It's those timeframes that put streets in the shape that they're in now."

Two major city streets — Bayside Drive and Somerset Street — will be fully reconstructioned this summer.

Farren said he believes Hillcrest Drive is a candidate for worst road on the city’s west side.

"The city is in very neglected shape," he said.

"Over the years councils haven't paid attention to the infrastructure."


Saint John will pave 36 streets and sections of streets this year. (CBC)

But there are other contenders for the title of the city’s worst street, according to Saint John residents.

Crystal Powell has watched her street, Red Head Road, fall into worse condition since she moved there five years ago...

"Those potholes are getting pretty deep, like they're not just little holes here and there and cracking on the sides of the road. They're deep," she said.

Powell said she's afraid to walk her child on the road because cars often lurch onto the shoulder trying to avoid potholes.

However, the two roads highlighted by Farren and Powell are not slated for being fixed this year.

Hillcrest and Red Head Road are on the list of 200 streets that are in need of complete reconstruction.

Saint John council has been facing a series of budget decisions to improve the city’s infrastructure.

The city cancelled a three-kilometre sidewalk project along busy Loch Lomond Road last week because of the project's $3-million price tag.

Streets to be resurfaced Lane kms From To
Anderson Drive 1.30 Fenton Drive Manchester Avenue
Bayside Drive 4.31 Loch Lomond Road Courtenay Bay Causeway
Bon Accord Drive 1.86 Loch Lomond Road Inverness Place
Broad Street 1.98 Lower Cove Loop Crown Street
Catherwood Street 1.18 Manawagonish Road Fairville Boulevard
Centennial Drive 0.74 Manawagonish Road End
Central Avenue 1.99 Quinton Avenue Fenton Drive
Charlotte Street 1.89 King Square South Broad Street
City Line 1.47 Saint John Street Lowell Street
Cliff Street 0.59 Waterloo Street Coburg Street
Davenport Avenue 0.92 McKenna Crescent Gilbert Street
Digby Ferry Road 1.12 Lancaster Street End
Duke Street West 1.93 Lancaster Avenue Watson Street
Dunn Avenue 1.76 Lancaster Avenue  Driscoll Drive
Grandview Avenue 1.86 Boylan Road Civic #873
Horsier Drive 1.22 Centennial Drive Hillcrest Drive

Lancaster Avenue

0.82 Simms Comer Seam Bowlerama
Lower Cove Loop 0.57 Broad Street Prince William Street
McDonald Street 2.59 Loch Lomond Road Mount Pleasant Avenue
Main Street 2.55 Bridge Street Chesley Drive
McNamara Drive 1.14 Dianne Street Dead End
Millidge Avenue 4.19 University Avenue Tartan Street
Northumberland Avenue 1.09 Westmorland Road McLaughlin Crescent
Parkhill Drive 1.18 Golden Grove Road Gerard Street
Prince Street 2.16 Riverview Drive Ludlow Street
Quinton Avenue 0.92 Hillcrest Drive Manawagonish Road
Richmond Street 0.35 Waterloo Street Prince William Street
Rothesay Avenue 1.51 Seam at Superstore Russell Street
Rothesay Avenue 5.12 McAllister Drive Saint John Throughway
Sherwood Drive 2.26 Champlain Drive Dead End
Smyth Street 0.67 Union Street Station Street
Water Street 0.28 Civic #243 Civic #243
Waterloo Street 1.48 Richmond Street Union Street
Wentworth Street 1.32 Orange Street Broad Street
Westmorland Road 1.95 Loch Lomond Road Kilburn Avenue
Westmorland Road 0.72 Driveway to Empire Theatres McAllister Drive