Twin brothers have both been sentenced to prison for their role in a fatal home invasion in Saint John last year.

Brandon Saia, 22, was handed an eight-year sentence Wednesday on charges of forcible entry, stealing personal property while armed with a weapon, and wearing a mask while committing an indictable offence in the Nov. 3 robbery of Christopher Reid's west side home.

Bradley Saia, who was convicted by a jury of the same three charges in July, got 11 years.

Brandon had no previous violence on his record, although he had done time in the provincial jail system, the Court of Queen's Bench heard.

But Bradley has a more serious criminal record, including a previous home invasion and a violent assault that sent him to a penitentiary for 32 months.

'Senseless and unfathomable'


Bradley and Brandon Saia, 22, were both sentenced to prison on Wednesday for their roles in the violent home invasion. (Saint John Police Force)

In sentencing, Justice Judy Clendening said the crime was violent, senseless and unfathomable.

It left one of the other invaders dead and the homeowner seriously injured.

Clendening said its gravity cannot be overstated.

She also sentenced Bradley to an additional year after he pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody.

He climbed the fence at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre during an exercise period on Tuesday — the day before his sentencing on the home invasion.

Bradley ran into the woods, but was quickly tracked down by police in the nearby McAllister Industrial Park shirtless, barefoot and injured.

He suffered lacerations to his chest and feet while jumping the razor-wire fence and running through the woods, police said.

Bradley was heavily-bandaged and limping during his court appearance.

He and his brother chatted with each other and made attempts using sign language to communicate with family members in the public gallery.

They did not appear stressed as their fates were discussed in court.

The Crown had requested eight to 10 years for Brandon and eight to 12 years for Bradley.