Sackville group hopes to buy landmark church

An Sackville landmark is for sale for a loonie.

United Church is for sale for $1 but new owner will be required to move it

A Sackville landmark is for sale for a loonie.

The United Church at the corner of York and Main streets is about 135 years old. It seats 1,200 people and the building boasts intricate woodwork, stained glass windows and a classic pipe organ.

Michael Fox and John Duchemin are part of a Sackville group that would like to buy the United Church and keep it where it is. (Denis Calnan / CBC)
A community group is hoping it can buy the church.

"It's part of the skyline of the town," said group member Michael Fox. "It's part of the identity of the downtown.

"So people in the community have been very concerned to preserve the building, to perhaps repurpose it," he said. "It's integrity is still there. It's a wonderful space. It's got beautiful acoustics."

John Duchemin is another group member who wants the building to be used by the citizens of Sackville.

"It was central to life in Sackville for many, many years," he said.

Realtor Mary Sears says whoever buys the church for $1 will encounter others costs.

The new owners of the United Church in Sackville will be required to move the large building. (Denis Calnan / CBC)
"The property does need a fair bit of work," she said. "It needs a roof right away. It would need some plastering work done. And probably electrical."

And there is the cost of moving the church as the owner wants the buyer to move the large building at the buyer's expense.

However, Fox and Duchemin still hold out hope that the community can buy the church and keep it where it is.

"That would be our dream," said Fox.

"Yup, if we can raise the funds we would like to buy it and take over all the efforts to save the church," said Duchemin

The property has been on the market since last week.