Many businesses in Sackville are feeling the effects of a strike by Mount Allison University faculty that is now into its third week.

Dale Fleming is seeing profits in his Jack's Pizza shop drop by 50 per cent since the strike started on Jan. 27.

"First couple of days of the strike it was a little bit more busy," said Fleming. "I think the kids had a little bit of money.

Dale Fleming

Jack's Pizza owner Dale Fleming says business is down about 60 per cent since the start of the faculty strike at Mount Allison University on Jan. 27. (CBC)

"Afterwards, I think they started to run out of money, go home, stuff like that and now it's pretty quiet."

Pickles European Deli owner David Hunter usually makes around 50 sandwiches at lunch. But he's now making about half that number.

"We pack the place every lunch and we usually rotate the tables two-and-a-half times," he said. "Now we don't even fill the tables once."

Hunter estimates sales are down 60 per cent and he has been forced to make some staffing changes.

"There's about three people that haven't gotten any hours this week," said Hunter. "The people that are getting hours aren't getting as much."

Other changes Hunter has made affect businesses on his supply chain.

"I'm just not buying as much, so the local bakery is not getting the orders that they normally get," he said. "The local butcher is not getting the normal orders they get."

Andrea Rossiter is a first-year student from Ontario at Mount Allison and says she knows why fewer people are buying sandwiches.

"There's a lot of students who have gone home, especially the people who live nearby."

Classes have been suspended since the start of the strike.

The university and administration and the Mount Allison Faculty Association are to hold mediated negotiations Wednesday and Thursday.

Labour lawyer Larry Steinberg was appointed as a special mediator Monday by Post-Secondary Education Minister Jody Carr in an attempt to broker a deal.

The faculty association says the strike is about workload and the university's commitment to its core mission.

A media blackout has been imposed on the negotiations.