Runaway peacock visits Moncton-area family

A Moncton-area family says a peacock has become a repeated visitor to their home north of the city.

Magnetic Hill Zoo says 3 or 4 peacocks have flown off this year

A runaway peacock, perhaps from the Magnetic Hill Zoo, has been visiting a Moncton-area family for the last two days. (Courtesy of Susan Kay)

A Moncton-area family says a peacock has become a repeated visitor to their home north of the city.

Susan Kay said she was looking outside at her son playing in the backyard when she noticed an unusual bird walking on the lawn.

"We noticed that behind him there was a peacock sitting, watching him, so it was kind of interesting," she said.

No one was more surprised to discover the visitor than 10-year-old Brady Kay.

"My dad said look over there and all of a sudden I noticed there was this peacock like a couple of centimetres away from me," Brady said.

Brady Kay, 10, was playing outside when he noticed a unique, feathered visitor decided to join him. (Courtesy of Susan Kay)

"At first I thought it was a pheasant but I quickly learned that it was a peacock and I've seen plenty before but I've never seen one that close to me."

The Kays live on Ammon Road, which starts about five kilometres away from the Magnetic Hill Zoo, across from the Gorge Road.

Kay said she called the zoo because she was concerned the colourful bird could be hurt or eaten if it stayed in the wild for too long.

"I figured that calling the zoo they would definitely have somebody that could tell us what happened and maybe come and get it," she said.

Three or four of the 20 peacocks that live at the Moncton zoo have flown off this year.

Bruce Dougan, the zoo’s general manager, said it is not unusual for peacocks to escape from the facility.

"Very often it's young males that will wander and then they will come back," he said.

"If indeed this is our bird, it certainly has gone a long ways away."

The wings of the zoo’s peacocks are not clipped. Dougan said that allows the birds to roost and if they fly off, they can also protect themselves by flying up into a tree.

The zoo is not convinced the bird is among the escapees. Private owners also raise peacocks in the area.

Dougan said the zoo has sent somebody over to the house but they couldn't find the bird. The general manager said zoo staff will try again to catch the bird.