The RCMP say roughly 30 trees were cut down near Rogersville. (RCMP)

The RCMP are investigating who cut down more than 25 trees near Rogersville in eastern New Brunswick.

The police discovered the fallen trees on Thursday.

Three trees were cut down to block West Collette Road approximately two kilometres off of Highway 126 and more than 25 trees were cut down to block Young Ridge Road.

A police statement said it appears the trees were cut with a chainsaw so they would fall across the roads.

"Cutting down trees to block roads poses a serious danger to anyone driving in the area," according to a police statement.


The RCMP said the fallen trees post a risk to people who may hit them while driving at night. (RCMP)

"It is of particular concern at nighttime where people may not see the trees and could run into them resulting in serious injury or death."

This comes several weeks after nine trees were cut down to block Route 490.

Protests have been taking place in the area, where SWN Resources Canada is conducting seismic testing in the area.

The RCMP have arrested more than 34 people in recent weeks at various protests around Kent County.

The company wants to determine if natural gas reserves are significant enough to warrant establishing an oil and gas industry in the area.