Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop says it will be at least a year-and-a-half before the buildings are levelled. (Town of Rothesay)

The town of Rothesay is going ahead with plans to demolish two low-income properties on Scott Avenue to make way for a new sports facility, despite opposition from the tenants who are vowing to fight the decision.

In October 2009, the town put off the plans after the tenants of the two apartment buildings spoke out against the decision, saying they wouldn't be able to find affordable housing elsewhere in the area.

But Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop says those conditions have changed, so the town will buy the buildings for $1.1 million and tear them down.

"We've done a survey of other apartments in the greater Rothesay area and find there will be plenty of room for people who still wish to live in this area," he said.

The tenants all live on month-to-month leases, said Bishop.

"There are no-long term residents in those apartments," located at 12 and 14 Scott Ave., he said.

But Ivan Wilson says he has lived there for 10 years and is upset he'll have to move.

"I was shocked actually, but of course, I'd heard it before too," he said.

Wilson said his apartment is a great place to live, with its central location and cheap rent.

He said he and other tenants plan to fight to be able to stay.

The mayor said "there's no need to worry about this right away."

The apartments won't be levelled for at least a year-and-a-half and the tenants will be given appropriate notice, Bishop said.

The town scouted other locations for the field house, but none satisfied the facility's needs, he added.