The Town of Rothesay still plans to come up with rules for the operation of food trucks, despite the recent flap over the Funky Monkey Sandwich Stop.

The Funky Monkey Sandwich Stop in Rothesay

The Funky Monkey Sandwich Stop continues to operate on a private parking lot in Rothesay. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Mayor Bill Bishop says the town's planning advisory committee needs further information before it can recommend bylaw amendments to govern mobile vendors.

There's a lot to consider, he said.

"Placement, safety of people getting to and from the area, can they be used on public property — which would be town property — or private property."

The Funky Monkey, a mobile food operation that offers specialty soups and sandwiches, continues to do business on a private parking lot at Cochrane's Country Market in the town.

Last month, Bishop apologized for comments he had made about the business, following a backlash on social media.

Bishop had said a mobile restaurant is "not the type of enterprise that we welcome in Rothesay" and had asked officials to look into changing the town's bylaws to eliminate such businesses.

In a written apology, Bishop said he had chosen his words poorly.

"My concern was ensuring that mobile food establishments fit appropriately within municipal regulations and operate fairly with other restaurants. We welcome entrepreneurs to our community and we are grateful to any business, such as the Funky Monkey, that enhances the quality of life in Rothesay," he said.