Ronald Wasser's wife had severe wound, jury hears

Several police officers, firefighters and paramedics testified Wednesday at the attempted murder trial of Ronald Wasser, of Riverview, who is accused of trying to kill his estranged wife with a shotgun.

First responders testify at attempted murder trial about what they saw at Riverview home last May

Norma Wasser had a severe wound on her left arm and was bleeding heavily when first responders found her, the attempted murder trial of Ronald Wasser heard on Wednesday.

She was already in shock and without intervention, she soon would have been unconscious, the Moncton courtroom heard.

Eight witnesses took the stand in Moncton court Wednesday morning at Ronald Wasser's attempted murder trial. (CBC)
Ronad ​Wasser, 48, of Riverview, is accused of trying to kill his estranged wife with a shotgun last May.

He is also charged with discharging a firearm at her with the intent to wound or endanger her life, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

RCMP officers, firefighters, and paramedics were called to the Wassers' Riverview home on Kerry Court on May 29, shortly after 5:30 a.m.

Norma was in a bedroom in the basement, where she had been living since 2007 when her marriage started to unravel.

Firefighter Dwight Robertson put a dressing on her arm, then handed her care over to arriving paramedics

Paramedic Charles Dallaire said the case was a "load and go," which means getting the patient to the hospital as soon as possible.

Norma's blood pressure was 54 over 34 and dropping, he said. A normal blood pressure is 120 over 80.

When you're unconscious, you don't fix your shirt.- Dwight Robertson, firefighter

Norma previously testified the shot broke her left arm in two places and broke an artery.

As she was being rushed to hospital by ambulance, the firefighter, Robertson, was advised there was a second patient upstairs with what was believed to be a drug overdose, he said.

The door to the bedroom was locked and was kicked in by a police officer, the courtroom heard.

Robertson found Ronald Wasser lying in bed. Ronald's eyes were closed, but would open on occasion, he said, describing him as "responsive" but lethargic.

At one point, Ronald fixed his shirt, said Robertson, which he found strange. "When you're unconscious, you don't fix your shirt," he testified.

Pills on dresser, shotgun shell in pocket

The court also heard from paramedic Jeff Smith, who was part of a second ambulance crew sent to treat Ronald,. He said Ronald would open his eyes, but would not respond.

There were bottles of pills on the dresser and some of them were open, said Smith. The only empty bottle he noticed was Seroquel, a drug used to treat severe mental disorders, he said.

Smith said he gathered the pill bottles and took them to the hospital.

Const. Dave Swansburg, who saw Ronald Wasser at the hospital later that morning, said Ronald sat up at one part and starting pulling IVs out.

He was then intubated and sedated, Swansburg said.

Const. Pierre-Alexandre Roy previously testified that he had seized Ronald's clothes at the emergency department and found an unused 12-gauge shotgun shell in the pants' pocket.

Ronald was arrested by police on May 31, when he was released from hospital.

The trial, which started on Monday, is scheduled to resume on Thursday. Four weeks have been set aside.