Ron Powers prompts PR trouble for province — again

Minto's Ron Powers has managed to once again cause a public relations headache for the New Brunswick government.

Minto man has caused PR trouble for two different governments

Minto's Ron Powers put the provincial government on the defensive this week. But it isn't the first time he's caused PR trouble for a New Brunswick government 2:15

Ron Powers caused a public relations problem for the Alward government earlier this week when he went public with the province’s attempt to recoup $264 in overpayments dating back to 1997.

Powers said he was never told of the overpayment in 1997, but he is one of many New Brunswickers who are being asked to repay the provincial government.

But this isn’t the first time the Minto man has caused a PR nightmare for a provincial government.

Powers asked Shawn Graham during a televised leaders’ debate during the 2006 election if he would keep all of his campaign promises.

"Thank you Ron for your question and it’s a very important question," Graham told the camera.

"And yes we will live by these promises and commitments that we are making to you."

That quote came back to haunt the Liberal premier many times during his mandate.