The devastating fire that destroyed the village hall, fire station and RCMP office in Rogersville likely started in the building’s attic, according to a preliminary report from the Office of the Fire Marshal.

The massive fire destroyed the building on Jan. 9.

Norman Thibodeau, the province’s acting fire marshal, said it is believed the fire started in the building's attic.

"The investigation has determined the area of origin to be in the attic above the electrical room and the most probable cause being an electrical fault," he said.

The fire department, RCMP and city hall are using temporary locations while a plan for a new building is sorted out. The cost of the damage is still unknown but is estimated in the millions.

The blaze was spotted by a Rogersville resident at about 5 a.m.

The fire started so quickly that the village fire department couldn’t get its fire trucks out of the building in order to fight the fire.